Multimedia support in the education of clinical and health care disciplines :: Portal of Jessenius Faculty of Medicine Comenius University
MEFANET Project (MEdical FAculties Educational NETwork)
Jessenius Faculty of Medicine, Comenius University

Multimedia support in the education of clinical and health care disciplines :: Portal of Jessenius Faculty of Medicine Comenius University

Welcome to Portal of The Jessenius Faculty of Medicine Comenius University in Martin!

Educational portal of The Commenius University, Jessenius Faculty of Medicine in Martin is the official platform for publication of electronic teaching books, lectures, tests and multimedia tools as well as other electronic educational works. Published documents are dedicated to support learning in all medical disciplines on the Faculty in Martin. Access rights to the documents are determined by document authors, they are either free to access or are accessible upon password given to a particular group of users. 

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Diabetology, Dietetics (0)
Emergency Medicine (0)
Endocrinology, Metabolism (0)
Epidemiology, Preventive Medicine, Hygiene (0)
Gastroenterology and Hepatology (0)
General Practice Medicine (0)
Genetics (0)
Geriatrics (0)
Haematology (0)
Immunology, Allergology (0)
Infectology (0)
Internal Medicine (0)
Laboratory Diagnostics (0)
Medical Ethics and Law (0)
Medical Informatics and Information Science (0)
Nephrology (0)
Neurology (0)
Neurosurgery (0)
Nuclear Medicine (0)
Obstetrics, Gynaecology (0)
Oncology, Radiation Therapy (0)
Ophthalmology and Optometry (0)
Otorhinolaryngology (0)
Paediatrics, Neonatology (0)
Pathology and Forensic Medicine (0)
Psychiatry, Psychology, Sexology (0)
Public Health Care, Social Medicine (0)
Radiology and Imaging (0)
Rehabilitation, Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy (0)
Respiratory Medicine (0)
Rheumatology (0)
Sports Medicine (0)



The MEFANET project (Medical Faculties NETwork) is aiming to develop and to strengthen the cooperation among Czech and Slovak medical faculties, as regards the progress in education of medical and health care disciplines using modern ICT. The primary objective of the MEFANET project is to facilitate the cooperation among teams from different faculties, and to ensure a horizontal accessibility of electronic teaching tools for both teachers and students. The MEFANET project is certainly not meant to affect or control teaching activities at individual faculties: all targets of the MEFANET project fully respect the independence of individual faculties.

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WikiLectures are designated for a common design and sharing of medical works. Mainly, there are text documents present but wikilectures as well enable work with some of the multimedia files. Electronic files are easy to use and there is a support provided for new users. Texts can thus be created by teachers, external colleagues as well as students.

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