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Heart and respiratory system - study quide

Author: Desanka Výbohová, Gabriela Hešková, Yvetta Mellová

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This study guide has been prepared for medical students as a basic educational material for the anatomy practicals and anatomy exam. The first chapter provides introduction to the cardiovascular system, the heart and basic description of the circulations. The second chapter deals with the organs of respiratory system.
The text is fulfilled by the photographs of formalin fixed cadaveric preparates used during the anatomy practicals in our department, however, it is necessary combine the study with using of anatomy atlases (Sobotta´s, Gray´s, Gilroy ´s or Netter´s atlas of human anatomy). Several figures of joints and ligaments are retrieved from public domein of Gray´s Anatomy of human Body (1918) and Servier Medical Art. The last part of the study guide contains a set of review questions which can help the students to check their knowledge. We hope you will find this study guide useful material for your individual stud and review.