Educational Mefanet JLF UK Portal

The educational Portal of Jessenius Faculty of Medicine at the Comenius University in Martin  was created within the frame of project MEFANET (MEdical FAculties Educational NETwork). MEFANET is aimed on development of cooperation between Medical Faculties in Slovak and Czech Republic using modern Information and Communication Technologies in educational processes. Portal allows presenting a wide range of didactical tools that are created at the Jessenius Medical Faculty of Comenius University in Martin to support education. Here published materials can be prepared at different range, starting with simple presentations and ending with sophisticated pedagogical works. Authors of published materials can also specify the users that can access the published materials. Typical users are:

  • non-registered anonymous user,
  • registered anonymous user, who accepts the terms of use within his registration,
  • registered anonymous user, who is the user of educational network MEFANET,
  • registered user, who is a verified Comenius University user - i.e., is not anonymous,
  • registered user, who is a verified JLF UK user - i.e., is not anonymous; moreover, he/she is student or teacher of a study program accredited at JLF UK.



Portal users are navigated by means of:

  • horizontal menu - content section,
  • vertical menu – types of published materials, portal services,
  • filter of medical disciplines,
  • simple and advanced search function.



In this section the authors can publish lectures for students or other teaching materials, which suitably complements lectures. Materials are usually in the form of presentations (. PPT) respectively as documents (. PDF).

Multimedia teaching materials is either physically located on the server Portal or they are displayed by hyperlink. It is mainly the large videos .AVI, . MPEG formats, but also special databases, image archives and the like. It also applies to e-learning courses, for which the best location is on the university e-learn portal – LMS Moodle ( http://moodle.uniba.sk/ ). Here you can enjoy many other services of that system such as making tests and self-test for students, creating chat, forums, Wiki and under.

Educational works placed in this section are a comprehensive material concerning at least one of subjects taught at JLF UK. Publications and author works are published in the same form as printing textbooks, books, etc. Educational works are large publications, which are recognized by Editorial Commission JLF UK and with them are also published data on their opponency (eg. date reviews and contacts on opponents).