Mgr. Martina Lepiešová

Basics of Nursing Presentations

Author: Martina Lepiešová, Michaela Dingová, Jana Nemcová, Anna Ovšonková Michaela Miertová, Mária Tabaková, Martina Tomagová

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In the era of increased scrutiny regarding patient safety and the drive toward the control of health care costs health care professionals need reliable and evidence based information source for the study. Basics of Nursing Presentations provide both in quick access, easy to use material. Basics of Nursing Presentations are designed to help English speaking medical as well as nursing students comprehend to some basic clinical situations and react to them correctly. The presentations are based on the book Basics of Nursing: Textbook for Medical and Nursing Students published at the Jessenius Faculty of Medicine in Martin, Comenius University in Bratislava in 2011. The book presents nursing part of health care as well as collaborative framework (regarding physician in particular) for management of many basic and frequently occurring clinical situations. The book features over 35 peer-reviewed nursing procedures added on a wide range of clinical topics, which are described in sequential step-by-step detail. Each of 9 presentations provides the students with associated procedures for particular topic area.
Basics of Nursing: Textbook for Medical and Nursing Students is the first and unique book in the context of Slovak Republic to be used as a textbook by English speaking nursing and medical students and university nursing teachers. Basics of Nursing contains reliable, evidence-based information for safe health care and hopefully, it will be useful for study, practical skills training and for clinical practice as well. As the information provided by this book is up-to-date and can grow non-actual, it is crucial and recommended by the contributors to follow actual clinical guidelines of particular health care facilities or the professional organizations managing health care provision.