Gabriela Hešková, heskova(at)

Bones, joints and muscles of the upper and lower limbs study guide

Author: Gabriela Hešková, Desanka Výbohová, Yvetta Mellová

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The main purpose of the study guide is to provide a basic educational material for the study of the bones, joints and muscles of the upper and lower limb. The text is enriched by the figures of the dry human bones - photographs of the bony preparations used during the anatomy practicals in our Department of Anatomy. Figures of the joints, ligaments and muscles are retrieved from public domein of Gray´s Anatomy of human Body (1918). Althought the study guide contains the photos and figures, it is necessary to use this study material in association with any human anatomy atlas (Sobotta´s, Gray´s, Gilroy´s or Netter´s atlas of human anatomy). The study guide offers the possibility to test the obtained knowledge by a set of review questions at the last chapter.