WikiLectures are designated for a common design and sharing of medical works. Mainly, there are text documents present but wikilectures as well enable work with some of the multimedia files. Electronic files are easy to use and there is a support provided for new users. Texts can thus be created by teachers, external colleagues as well as students.

Wikilectures is similar to Wikipedia. However, it is not a dictionary. Teachers as well as students are allowed to contribute to Wikilectures. In addition, anyone can correct inaccuracies, rectify unclear chapters, etc.
Nowadays, hundreds of articles are added to Wikilectures every month. In order to maintain its proper function, a group of students called Wikiteam is involved to take care of Wikilectures operation. Since the operation continuously expands, more people are being searched for...

What does the job of editor include?
• watching the operation on Wikilectures and correcting minor errors
• categorization of articles
• appending of help functions, assisting to authors
• supporting transfer of texts to Wiki
• etc.

What is required?
• little spare time and willingness to take part in creative work
• communication skills
• basic knowledge of Wiki language (is easy to learn)
• knowledge of WikiScript structure (initial training will be performed)
• further skills like HTML, CSS, JAVA are preferred, not a must

What is there to gain?
• editors can be financially granted from resources of running projects
• can gain up to 3 credits per semester
• can gain credits for ERASMUS

Are you interested? Please contact us:

Link   Date Availability [?] Clinically sensitive [?] Licence
 Wikilectures 26.11.2010 anyone